Summer Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Office will be closed June 9th -July 6th


All Registered PRE-K for Ridgecrest and McDonnell

register to attend the Summer PRE-K Learning Fun.

2 Sessions: Mondays & Wednesdays 8:30-10:30

or Tuesdays & Thursdays 8:30-10:30

Summer Reading List for upcoming 6th Graders

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Summer Breakfast and Lunch Program: Click here for more information and a map for the shuttle bus

Huntsville City Schools will be sponsoring the Summer Feeding Program again this year beginning on June 1. The program will operate from June 1 through July 24 and will allow any child ages 18 and under to eat a free hot meal at any of the participating 12 sites. Breakfast and Lunch will be offered at 10 sites while Breakfast and Supper will be offered at the other 2. Please plan to bring your children to one of the sites and take advantage of this wonderful program provided by the USDA. The sites and serving times are:


School                        Breakfast                            Lunch                 

McDonnell El.              7:30-8:30                         11:00-1:00

Dawson El.                 7:30-8:30                         11:00-1:00

Rolling Hills El.            7:30-8:30                         11:00-1:00

Johnson High              7:30-8:30                         11:00-1:00

Chapman El.               7:30-8:30                         11:00-1:00

Providence El.             7:30-8:30                         11:00-1:00

Williams El.                 7:30-8:30                         11:00-1:00

Montview El.               7:30-8:30                         11:00-1:00

Highlands El.               7:30-8:30                         11:00-1:00

Lee High                   * 8:30-9:30 *                     11:00-1:00

Westlawn Middle          7:30-8:30                                               Supper    3:00-5:00

Lakewood El.               7:30-8:30                                               Supper    3:00-5:00

Adults are also invited to participate in the Summer Meal Program as long as they are accompanied by a child 18 yrs. of age or under.  There is a cost for an adult meal:  Breakfast = $2.50 and Lunch/Supper = $4.00.


McDonnell Elementary School


 Mission of McDonnell Elementary

To Educate the Children of Today to be the Leaders of Tomorrow within a multi-ethnic community where teachers, students, parents and stakeholders work together to create a challenging environment through the use of technology to enhance life-long learning.

Vision Statement 
Our vision at McDonnell Elementary School is to work as professional and highly motivated staff, with parents and community, to instill values and guide children to become lifelong learners who believe anything is possible. We encourage students to reach their full potential in a place where everyone is unique and important.  


Student Motto

I’m a McDonnell student and I’m proud to say,

I will do my best today.

I’ll listen, I’ll work, I’ll be fight and bully free.

I’ll be the best that I can be. 



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