Kindergarten registration for Huntsville City Schools will begin on Tuesday, April 7, 2015. 

Pre-K registration for McDonnell Elementary will be from April 1-3rd, 2015


The Infosnap platform will be used to register.  To create an Infosnap account, go to the Infosnap website linked on the HCS website ( 

 for NEW student registration.  The following items will be needed to complete the registration process and will need to be presented to the home school:  birth certificate, 2 proofs of residence, immunization (blue) card, and Social Security card (optional).  Copies of the documents will be made, and the originals will be returned to parents/guardians.


If at any time throughout this registration process you have questions regarding an Infosnap account, signing in to an account, or completing or submitting registration information, please contact Infosnap support at 866-752-6850.  They are available between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CST.  You can also email them at Additionally, you may contact your home school and they will be more than happy to assist you in the registration process.


Note:  To enter kindergarten, students must be five (5) years old on or before September 1 (2)*.





Mission of McDonnell Elementary

To Educate the Children of Today to be the Leaders of Tomorrow within a multi-ethnic community where teachers, students, parents and stakeholders work together to create a challenging environment through the use of technology to enhance life-long learning.

Vision Statement 
Our vision at McDonnell Elementary School is to work as professional and highly motivated staff, with parents and community, to instill values and guide children to become lifelong learners who believe anything is possible. We encourage students to reach their full potential in a place where everyone is unique and important. 





Student Motto

I’m a McDonnell student and I’m proud to say,

I will do my best today.

I’ll listen, I’ll work, I’ll be fight and bully free.

I’ll be the best that I can be. 

All students must be in INFOSNAP prior to the first day of school.





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Teacher of the month for January   
Mrs. Brown, 3rd grade; our teacher of the month of January!

Teacher of the month for December.   
Mrs. Weathers, 1st Grade, our teacher of the month for December.

Random Acts of Kindness   
The students displayed their random acts of kindness by placing a heart on the bulletin board.

No Place for Hate:   
No place for

No Place for Hate: Part II   

No Place for Hate: Part III   
Poster of Kindergarden.

No Place for Hate: Part IV   
Poster of 1st Grade.

No Place for Hate: Part V   
Poster of 2nd Grade.

No Place for Hate: Part VI   
Poster of 3rd Grade.

No Place for Hate: Part VII   
Poster of 4th Grade.

No Place for Hate: Part VIII   
Poster of 5th Grade.

Teacher of the month for November.   
Mrs. Kilgore, 2nd Grade; our teacher of the month for November.

Teacher of the Month of August   
Mrs. McCamy, Kindergarden teacher, our "Teacher of the Month" for August.

Teacher of the Month of September   
Mrs. Wilson, 1st Grade, our "Teacher of Month" for September.

Teacher of the Month of October   
Mrs. Coates, Pre-K, our "Teacher of the Month" for October.

Drugs, Dogs and Police   
Mr. Riddick the drug sniffing dog visits McDonnell
Mr. Riddick and Officer Balch

Parent Parties!   
Los juegos, premios de victoria y apenda como ser gran padres! Come join the party!

McDonnell Celebrates Diversity   
Hispanic Heritage Celebration...
Sample of student art work for Hispanic Heritage Celebration

Career Day at McDonnell Elementary   
District Attorney and others will be out to speak to 4th & 5th grade

Login to Schoolnet at home   
Having trouble accessing your Pearson Lessons?

Standard Based Report Cards   
Just what is a 1, 2, 3, and 4?

Pre-K News!   
...start the year off right...

1st Grade News!   
Welcome to McDonnellElementary School.  In order to maintain a pleasant, safe environment where learning takes place, it...

2nd Grade News   
...start the year out right...

3rd Grade News !   
...start the year out right...

4th Grade News !   
...start the year out right...

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